22 LR for defense: CCI Stinger ballistic gel test (VIDEO)

The test gun is the excellent Smith & Wesson Model 43c — one of the many good 22 revolvers out there. What I wanted most out of this gun is its very short 1.875 inch barrel. That is pocket gun length and the absolute worst-case scenario. Penetration, velocity, and power are amputated without a long barrel. We aren’t testing hiking guns or your plinking rifle but something you might have in your pocket or desk drawer.

I decided on two different types of ammunition for the tests, both hollow-points. The CCI Stinger is one of the hottest 22 LR rounds on the market today and it is my personal choice for my 22 LR handguns. This is good ammunition, but it might not be on every shelf. You might be tempted to buy a big box of bulk ammunition to practice with, so I went with Winchester Western 36 grain hollow-points as a good representation of a high velocity bulk offering. It is a personal favorite for plinking work.

We covered our gel blocks with four layers of denim and shot both rounds at very close range to meet the block as squarely as possible. Check out the full rundown of the testing and results here.

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