Full-Auto Friday: Uzi does it edition (VIDEOS)

The iconic Israeli Uzi has seen much service over the past 65 years and is quite the little doozy on the range.

IDF Major Uziel Gal presented his prototype sub gun to the Israeli military in 1951 and, with its compact telescoping bolt and ease of use, it was adopted two years later. Police and internal security forces in more than 90 countries went on to buy the Uzi in one form or another since then, making it a solid classic.

To kick off the Uzi love, everyone’s favorite nurse and gun enthusiast Lea “Speed6” taps in with a Mini-Uzi in the above video.

How about more of the same, only suppressed?

And Lea with an IDF standard “old school” IMI UZI, which fires at a noticeably slower speed:

Hickok45’s famous Uzi “drive-by” :


The tiny but blistering Micro Uzi :

Langley Firearms Academy taking out some a squad of coconuts:

Edwin Sarkissian:

And Larry Vickers Uzzing it up:

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