Gallery: SHOT Show 2019 Industry Day at the Range (PHOTOS)

Aisles of new and interesting guns and ammo were on display at the 14th Annual SHOT Show Industry Day at the Range in Nevada on Monday.

Billed by the National Shooting Sports Foundation as the “largest, most influential one-day event in the hunting and shooting sports,” over 1,700 members of the media and firearm buyers swarmed the Boulder Rifle and Pistol Club the day before SHOT Show got underway to check out the latest wares from over 200 manufacturers across the firearms industry.

Everything was coming up G43X and G48 at the Glock booth (Photos: Chris Eger/

Can you tell the difference?

Colt’s rebooted King Cobra in .357 Magnum turned heads– and got a workout.

Mossberg is back in the pistol business and was highlighting their new MC1sc handguns

In both a regular and Centennial version. (Psst, they take Glock 43 mags)

Kel-Tec has shrunk the KSG to an 7+1 format (when using 2.75-inch shells) in the new KS7 shotgun

The Armscor VR80, new to the States, was ready to chew through 12 gauge shells

So you know GDC was there to get the low-down

Ashbury Precision was on hand to go the distance

Mauser was showing off their new M18 in 6.5mm PRC. That hat, tho.

Ruger made sure to bring a bit of everything

Maxim Defense had their newly-designed PDX platform in 7.62x39mm and 5.56 NATO calibers, in both SBR and pistol formats

ATI always has fun stuff to shoot. In fact, they announced the South Carolina-based company is making Galil carbines in 5.56mm with wood or polymer furniture complete with folding stocks. And yes, they take standard Galil mags.

ST Engineering was showing off a lot of interesting gear, including the rarely-encountered Ultimax 100

Phoenix, Arizona’s Profense was on hand with their PF 7.62x51mm NATO M134 Mini-Gun

Which is always a crowd-pleaser

As well as its 5.56-caliber little brother

The PF 556 only weighs 110-pounds, with a 1,500-round hopper

It is configurable from 600 to 4,000 rounds-per-minute due to its dual-speed control unit, ideal for home defense

Of course, lots of ammo was on hand to keep the line stoked.

NSSF says over 500,000 rounds are fired in the course of the day

In all flavors

Speaking of which, Gun guru Rob Pincus showing off Browning’s Trail Force rounds at the Winchester booth

He brought his Grand Power Stribog along for the ride

… as well as his personally-developed Avidity Arms PD10, but more on that later

More than 200 manufacturers were in Boulder City for the event

SHOT Show gets underway officially on Tuesday, and will be there in force to bring you all the latest.

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