The stainless joy that is a Deagle .429 (VIDEO)

Magnum Research’s new .429 Desert Eagle cartridge and the Mark XIX pistol that fires it has been spotted in the wild. Scott with Kentucky Ballistics managed to get his hands on one of the new hoglegs from the Kahr subsidiary and seems to have a blast with it in the above video until he runs out of ammo.

The new round is essentially a .50 AE necked down to accept a .44 slug with a sharp 30-degree shoulder and a neck long enough to hold a 240-grain bullet without set back under recoil.

The .429 DE, left, compared with the .50 AE, looking “like a .357 SIG on steroids.”  (Photo: Kentucky Ballistics)

Capable of producing velocities in the 1,600 fps range with 240-grain bullets (and 1,750 fps with 210s), Magnum Research says the resulting cartridge has a 25 percent uptick in velocity and 45 percent increase in energy over a .44 Mag from a 6-inch barrel.

Also, it seems like it does a number on ballistic gel, of which Scott says he will have to look into further.

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