The New Beretta 92X Performance Competition Pistol at NRAAM (VIDEO)

Beretta came to NRAAM 2019 prepared with something for the competition shooters. The new 92X Performance is an all-steel DA/SA model 92 weighing in at 47.6 ounces, unloaded. “This is something intended almost entirely for competition shooting,” said Erik Stern, rep for Beretta. Stern went on to point out a number of other features that competition shooters should like. The Brigadier slide has sawtooth cocking serrations on both the front and the rear of the gun for increased grip area.

The pistol ships with a fiber optic front sight and a target rear sight, both of which can be interchanged. They have extended the checkering on both the front and the back of the grip and “added a more aggressive magwell that is completely flat on the bottom,” said Stern. The one possible downside of the new grip? They aren’t interchangeable with your standard 92 grips. Stern said they will have more options available on the Beretta’s website if you’re looking for something different.

Finally, we got to see what really sets the 92X apart, the trigger. It has an approximate 6 to 6.5lb DA trigger pull with a 3.5lb SA trigger pull. The new Extreme S trigger system is “one of the shortest resets on a DA/SA on the market, period,” said Stern. Beretta has also given the serious competition shooter a nod by including the over-travel and pre-travel screws, allowing the end user to really customize the trigger.

The pistol ships with the medium safety installed but you will be able to interchange that as well with either a large or small set. All of these features add up to a pistol tailor-made for the competition shooter. “This gun is a competition wonder,” said Stern. He added that you should be seeing the gun hit stores later this year with an MSRP of $1,399.

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