Blackhawk Unveils T-Series Holster for Sig Sauer P365

The L2C T-Series holster, pictured here with a Glock, adds the Sig P365 to its model lineup. (Photo: Blackhawk)

Blackhawk adds to its lineup of T-Series concealed carry holsters, announcing a new model created for the Sig Sauer P365.

The Level 2 Compact T-Series works alongside both the standard Sig Sauer P365 as well as the newer P365 XL. The L2C holster brings a speed cut to its low-profile design, encouraging a faster draw and easier concealment. The holster also boasts the added bonus of RMR compatibility so go ahead and throw on that pistol optic.

The glass-reinforced nylon holster also opts for an all-new attachment method known as the Quick Dual Release. The QDR offers an “intuitive button release” Blackhawk says is easier to attach and remove from the belt. The system supports belts ranging from 1.5- to 2.5-inches. Each L2C holster, regardless of gun make and model, comes with a two-slot belt attachment that tucks the grip of the gun into the body for better overall concealment.

Blackhawk says the L2C brings a construction perfect for concealment, allowing carriers to grip the gun on the draw in a more natural manner. “Designed to follow Blackhawk’s Master Grip Principle, all T-Series holsters have been specifically developed to allow the user’s hand to land naturally where it should in order to deploy the sidearm. This efficient movement pairs with a sound-dampening, low-friction, dual-density internal material that translates into a smooth, quiet draw,” the company said in a news release.

sig sauer p365

The Sig Sauer P365 on display at the NRA Annual Meeting in 2018, a few months after its release. (Photo: Jacki Billings)


The L2C is the latest holster model to expand into the Sig P365 universe. Introduced in January 2018, the P365 gave consumers a striker-fired 9mm design with a 10+1 capacity all within a compact build. Continuing to add models to the P365 lineup, Sig announced a new, larger model in June 2019. This, of course, was the aptly named P365 XL. The P365 XL boasts a similar aesthetic but delivers more rounds with a 15+1 capacity. It also happens to be backward compatible with standard P365 accessories.

The L2C T-Series Holster from Blackhawk is available now with an MSRP of $69.95.

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