Without a lot of fanfare, Heckler & Koch this month introduced their newest VP9 pistol variant, the longslide optic-ready model, or VP9L OR. 

The longer slide features a 6-groove 5-inch rather than the standard 4-inch barrel, producing a handgun that is n inch longer than the standard VP9 8.23-inches long overall with a healthy 7.2-inch sight radius. Weight is 27.16-ounces with a 20 (yes, 20) round extended magazine. Best yet, the gun has a slide cut for optics. 

First introduced in 2014, the VP9 has gone through several upgrades since its original release including an evolution earlier this year that saw 17-round standard magazines introduced-- up from 15-- new sight configurations and an optics-ready cut for mini reflex sight. The VP9L long slide was only introduced last year.

In May, the Japanese military announced they were replacing legacy SIG P220 9mm handguns with a  maritime variant of the VP9, the SFP9-M, to be Japan’s future handgun, a factor which will ensure the HK polymer 9mm will live on in anime forever. 


revolver barrel loading graphic