Drive-by shooting prankster gets shot at by very real gun (VIDEO)

YouTube prankster RomanAtwood upped the ante with “more Edgy and Scary Pranks” by doing a fake drive-by shooting Sunday and he nearly got shot in the process.

RomanAtwood’s videos get considerable views and many consider a lot of them to be really, really, funny. While a fake drive-by shooting may offer a hardy laugh, the humor is far outweighed by the potential danger associated with making people believe you are shooting at them with live firearms, as evidenced by the video posted to YouTube.

In the video, RomanAtwood installed “very loud speakers” in his truck “with gun SFX.” As he neared his victims he’d play the sound file, producing a convincingly realistic sound of gunfire.

The first couple of runs went smoothly enough, but on the last scene somebody pulled out a very real gun and fired off several rounds as RomanAtwood raced away.

This is a good way to get shot.

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