Arrested couple gets freaky in police cruiser

couple has sex in police cruiser

The happy couple: Travis Husnik, 33 and Heather Basten, 29. (Photo: TSG/Oconto County Sheriff’s Department)

After their arrest, a Wisconsin couple had to be broken up in the back of a police cruiser, but not for fighting.

The pair had been arrested after sheriff’s deputies spotted them swerving into oncoming traffic. When they were pulled over, the police notices empty cans of beer in their car and the man admitted that they had been drinking.

Travis Husnik, 33, and Heather Basten, 29, were taken into custody. Not only had they been drinking and driving, Husnik was on probation for previous offenses and Basten was also driving without a licence.

Basten was also found in possession of a used syringe that she reportedly used “to shoot up meth with it.”

It was during their transportation to the station when things got weird. Deputy Adam Zahn was alerted to the shifting situation when the woman was reported to “begin to moan loudly.”

Whatever their motivations, a last chance before a long separation or just a freaky bucket list item, Zahn pulled the cruiser over to find the couple having sex.

They were shortly broken up and later charged for their crimes. Husnik, a convicted felon, got 90 days in jail for lewd and lascivious conduct. Basten pled guilty to drunk driving and disorderly conduct, getting 48 days in custody in addition to fines in excess of $1,200.

[The Smoking Gun]

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