Kansas man uses leashed dog as a weapon, swings him at police officer (VIDEO)

A 26-year-old man is facing several charges, including animal cruelty, following a bizarre incident with a police officer in Park City, Kansas, Sunday night.

Police received several calls from concerned residents in the area who had seen the suspect, Michael Rush, walking with his dog through several people’s yards.

“He was out of it, screaming his head off,” one resident explained.

When the officer arrived, he approached Rush, who was obviously under the influence of an unknown substance. Initially, Rush remained calm, but then out of nowhere charged at the officer and picked his dog up by the leash, swinging it around in an attempt to hit the officer with the pooch.

“I’ve seen people try to use a dog and sick it on someone as a weapon, but I’ve never seen someone pick up a dog and swing it through the air to use it as a weapon before, that’s a first,” said Chief Phil Bostain with the Park City Police Department.

Rush was eventually subdued after both a Taser and pepper spray proved ineffective.

The dog was reportedly not injured, but is now in protective custody.

Bostain called the incident “disturbing,” but witnesses said the officer handled the situation really well.

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