Wounded Warriors top execs fired over misuse of funds (VIDEO)

Two of the top executives for the Wounded Warrior Project were fired Thursday for what was deemed inappropriate use of funds.

Now former Chief Executive Officer, Steven Nardizzi, and former Chief Operating Officer, Al Giordano, are accused of spending millions in donations on extravagant conferences, lavish parties and other posh extras under the guise of “overhead.”

Under Nardizzi and Giordano, the Wounded Warrior project spent some 40 to 50 percent annually in overhead, compared with around 10 to 15 percent typical of other charities. According to Eric Millette, a retired army staff sergeant, who went to work for the company as a motivational speaker, but quit after two years, said everything was done in excess and it was just a “big old party.” Millette said the wastefulness sickened him.

“I’ll be damned if you’re gonna take hard-working Americans’ money and drink it and waste it, instead of helping those brave men and women who gave you the freedom to walk the face of this earth.”

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