Kids’ reactions to finding gun caught on camera, shock parents (VIDEO)

A recent experiment with local reporters and authorities in Charlotte, North Carolina, showed the importance of gun safety when it comes to children.

Eight children were placed in a room to play while they believed their parents were in a meeting. But the parents watched on a closed circuit television as the children discovered what looked like a very real gun hidden in the sofa in the playroom. One by one, parents watched in horror as their children picked up the handgun, pointed it at the other children and pulled the trigger. In the end, four of the eight children, “shot” each other.

The gun, of course, wasn’t real and the children were never in any real danger, but after the experiment, police talked with kids and parents alike about gun safety.

Parents admitted they were shocked by their kids’ reactions, with one young boy even explaining to his mother that he knew the gun wasn’t real because he pulled the trigger and nothing happened.

[ Fox 46 ]

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