Thief caught on camera stealing gun from truck (VIDEO)

A Florida man is uneasy knowing his gun is now on the streets after someone stole out of his truck early Tuesday morning while it was parked in front of his Jacksonville home.

“I heard the dogs barking, and I looked up and looked at my security cameras, and I seen a guy walking out from in between the vehicles,” said the man, who wanted to remain anonymous.

The suspect tried to get into the first car, but was unsuccessful because it was locked. He was able to get into the second vehicle though, and that’s where he found a .32 revolver right after staring directly at the security camera. The man said he always locks his vehicle, but for some reason just simply forgot this time.

The homeowner said the theft is just one of a recent rash of criminal activity in the area. Over the last three months, there have been seven vehicle break-ins, 11 burglaries, three cars stolen and 22 robberies, all within a half-mile from the man’s home.

The man said he’s upset because he doesn’t want his gun helping criminals and, more importantly, doesn’t want somebody killed with it.

[ News 4 Jax ]

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