Teen clerk snatches gun from would-be robber in Atlantic City

A teenage store clerk snatched a gun away from a would-be robber in Atlantic City Monday, prompting the thief to take off his mask and claim it was a joke.

The incident, which was captured on surveillance video, happened just after 4 p.m. The man walked into the store and demanded money, but the clerk wasn’t having it. He pretended to comply, then quickly took what turned out to be a BB gun and turned the tables on the robber. After claiming it was a joke, the man got scared and fled on foot.

“I can’t let somebody take my family’s hard-working money,” said 17-year-old Efaj Ahmed, who works at his father’s store for four hours after school.

Ahmed told police the suspect is a Hispanic male. He said he recognized the man, and he thinks he works at a nearby restaurant.

Police are looking for the suspect, who who might be named Ed or Eddie, according to BreakingAC.com.

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