8-shooter standoff: Comparing the Smith 627PC and Ruger Redhawk wheel guns (VIDEO)

The Yankee Marshal lucked into one of Ruger’s new 8-shot .357 Redhawk and stacks it spec-by-spec against the like-capacity S&W 627PC already in the stable.

While the Performance Center Smith has been around in its 8-shooter variant for a minute, the Ruger is a new development announced just before SHOT Show this year. Sure, they look a lot alike, but when you get into the details on the two, they are actually very different– though you have to take it with a grain of salt as TYM admits up front that he is a more of a Smith guy.

Still, if you are shopping for an eight pack .357, and wondered between these two models, this should help you decide.

Also, he addresses the price “difference” between the pair in a separate video below.

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