Grandpa of the bolt guns: Visiting with the Gew88 Commission Rifle (VIDEO)

The Model 1888 Commission Rifle was one of the first great military bolt-action rifles and Hickok45 managed to add one to the collection.

While it uses some Mauser-styling, it is essentially a Mannlicher-style rifle and uses the Austrian company’s distinctive en-bloc clip magazine. Designed as an answer to the French Lebel 1886 rifle, the German Rifle Commission adopted the rifle in 1888, hence its name. While later replaced in German service by the Gew98 Mauser, the Commission Rifle remained in solid use through WWII by a number of countries.

Hickok’s particular rifle is a 1890-vintage specimen made by Loewe & Company (which after 1896 became DWM), was converted from M88 ammo to the standard 7.92x57J and was later sent to Turkey. Overall, it looks great for its age and still rings steel like a champ.

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