A look at a real-life OSS dart gun projector fit for a secret squirrel (VIDEO)

Designed for the forerunner of the CIA, the SAC-46 Flying Dragon was a CO2-powered dart gun designed for those special occasions.

Produced for the Office of Strategic Services during World War II by the Long Engineering and Research Corporation, this bad boy was supposed to be as flashless and soundless as possible while still being able to reach out and touch a bad guy at 100 yards. While this dart gun couldn’t carry enough of a punch to zap a sentry stone cold dead on contact, it was thought best that it carry a payload of fast-acting poison to accomplish the job.

Seriously. A poisoned dart gun. Few were made. Likely none were used. Likely. In either case, suppressed firearms proved a better option and Ian from Forgotten Weapons has the lowdown on one above that has surfaced at Rock Island Auctions, poison not included.

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