Enter to Win an ATN Optic + Ammo Package from Guns.com

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Enter to win an ATN Sight + $100 of ammo from Guns.com

ATN ups the ante for tech-savvy hunters hoping to catch every moment in the field with the X-Sight 4K Buckhunter 3-14X smart Ultra HD daytime hunting scope.

Packed with features to make any tech-head’s mouth water, the X-Sight 4K Buckhunter goes beyond the standard riflescope, offering HD quality video recording and streaming. Using an Ultra High Definition 4K sensor, the X-Sight provides clear, full-color images. The digital scope allows hunters to catch their hunt in 1080p resolution to share with friends, family and, who knows, make you an Insta-Famous.

The scope offers a magnification of 3-14X with a 460-foot field of view and 90mm of eye relief. In addition to recording capabilities, the scope also features a nifty dual-stream option allowing shooters to simultaneously record video to the microSD card while also streaming in HD.

Sachal Baig with ATN told Guns.com that the dual-stream option goes beyond hunters with an online presence, reaching educators and even veterans.

“It can be used in various settings, for example, if you are teaching a new shooter how to shoot, by streaming a live feed to your phone or tablet, you can see exactly what the shooter is looking at with his/her scope and you can advise them on where to shoot. You can see what they are doing before and after they pull the trigger,” Baig explained. “We have seen customers using this feature with wounded veterans as a guide was able to see exactly where the shooter was pointing and could tell them when to pull the trigger.”

In addition to the dual-stream feature, the X-Sight 4K Buckhunter also provides a smart rangefinder, integrated ballistic calculator, electronic compass, recoil activated video and one-shot zero where shooters can sight in the scope with, you guessed it, one shot.

The X-Sight 4K Buckhunter brings a weather-resistant design to the table with battery life around 18+ hours, thanks to that lithium-ion design. Measuring 13.8-inches by 3-inches by 3-inches, the riflescope tips scales at around 2-pounds. Built from hardened aluminum alloy, the scope offers impact-resistant properties that coincide with high caliber shooting.

The X-Sight 4K Buckhunter 3-14X ships with eyecup, scope cover, USB-C cable, sunshade, and lens tissue. Retailing for $599, Guns.com is currently giving one of these bad boys away along with $100 worth of ammunition — winner’s choosing.


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