The American firearms market is awash with new and used bolt-action rifles that are more than capable of bagging you a whitetail this hunting season. When it comes to picking the one that’s right for you, a lot of it really comes down to price points and personal preference. 

So let’s make it easy. We’ve got everything from classic used hunting rifles to the most popular new models. Here are 10 of the most popular bolt-action hunting rifles at that can certainly do the job on any hunt. We'll kick it off with one of the all-time greats.

10. Remington 700

No list of popular deer rifles in America is complete without including the classic Remington 700. Heck, more than few hunters at grab the Model 700 when they head to deer camp. Practical and versatile, this bolt action is fit for nearly any large game in North America and comes in a wide variety of chamberings. 

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9. Winchester Model 70

If you’re truly looking for a classic American hunting bolt-action rifle, the Winchester Model 70 should top your list. Predating the Remington 700 by nearly three decades, Model 70s started rolling off the line back in 1936. It has proven itself time and again across the decades and was even drafted into service as a sniper rifle for the U.S. military during Vietnam. 

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8. Ruger Model 77

Boasting some of the best features of the battle-tested Mauser, the Ruger M77 is a no-nonsense hunting bolt action that just gets the job done right. If you’re looking for something that is a step above the budget lineup and still offers quality at a reasonable price point, the M77 is a great option.

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7. Savage Model 110

Patented in the 1960s, the Savage Model 110 has seen plenty of hunts in North America and beyond. This rifle is light enough to accommodate a relatively mobile hunter who still wants the power to bring down everything from medium to large game. We’ve personally tested it out on hunts in Africa, and it did not disappoint. 

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6. Browning X-Bolt

Browning’s X-Bolt line of bolt actions has expanded to include many offerings for the modern hunter, and that includes chamberings for the new 6.8 Western cartridge. It features an adjustable trigger and Browning’s “X-Lock” scope mounting system. If you’re looking for a rifle line with variety, the X-Bolts have you covered.

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5. Mossberg Patriot

The Mossberg Patriot proves that budget-friendly rifles can still perform in the field. The market for budget rifles has certainly grown recently, but the Patriot offers quite a few extras that help set it apart – fluted barrel, spiral bolt, recessed crown, and removable box mag, to name just a few options. This is a great starting point for the price-conscious hunter.

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4. Mauser M18

Few guns set the standard quite like the historic Mauser rifle. Normally, a modern Mauser hunting bolt-action rifle would put a serious dent in your pocketbook. Luckily, the German-based Mauser finally decided to offer a budget-friendly rifle, the M18, that still stands out above most other budget guns on the market.

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3. Weatherby Vanguard

The Weatherby Vanguard is another cost-effective bolt-action rifle that comes in both wood and synthetic stock options. It offers models fit for entry-level shooters and more experienced hunters. All Vanguards also boast a sub-MOA accuracy from the manufacturer, and there are plenty of used Vanguards available these days. The Camilla line is even specially designed to meet the needs of women in the field.

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2. Benelli Lupo

Launched in 2020, the Benelli Lupo is the newest contender on our list. Renowned for their shotguns, Benelli launched the Lupo – Italian for wolf – to “dominate the land the way Benelli’s Super Black Eagle dominates the skies.” The bolt is set at a unique angle that is both smooth and fast in the field. If you’re in the market for the new designs, check out the Lupo.

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1. CZ 557

CZ is known for providing quality and accuracy, and the CZ 557 is no exception. These rifles boast a cold-hammer-forged and lapped barrel from the factory. You can have yours in either a synthetic or walnut stock, which also features checkering for a better grip. It has the sleek lines of a classic hunter with all the benefits of quality modern manufacturing.

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