Providing Second Amendment news has been at the core of the mission since the site launched back in 2011. While we have evolved into the leading marketplace for online gun sales, the core mission of delivering 2A news has remained the same. So it’s no surprise when we look at the top 10 articles published on in 2020 that the majority are news. 

We’ll never stop delivering news that supports and informs gun owners across America. Without further ado, here are the top 10 articles published on in 2020.

10. Virginia Lawmakers Shrug Off Protests, Pass 7 Anti-gun Bills


"Red flag laws" and limiting handgun purchases to once in 30 days are just a couple of the laws passed through the VA house. (Photo: Chris Eger/

2020 was a year marked by protests, not only in the U.S. but abroad as well. One of the biggest protests we saw though didn’t come in the summer. It came back in January when 22,000 gun owners descended on Richmond, VA to protest the passage of seven anti-gun bills in the Virginia House. To see all the bills and how they are damaging to not only gun owners but all Americans, check out the full article below.



9. Pint-Sized Parabellum: A Look at the New FN 503 9mm Pistol


This pint-sized pistol has been a huge hit with FN fans. (Photo: Chris Eger/

In March, FN dropped their newest pistol, the FN 503. This is the smallest polymer-framed pistol that FN has ever made, with an overall length of just 5.9 inches, a height of 4.6 inches, and a width of 1.1-inches. With concealed carry pistols flying off the shelf in 2020, it’s no wonder that this initial look grabbed so much attention. There’s a lot to like about this little pistol, so be sure to check out the review below.



8. Going 2,220 Rounds With the New Glock G44 in .22 LR


The G44 has been a huge success by anyones standards for a .22 LR pistol. (Photo: Chris Eger/

When Glock announced they were releasing a new rimfire pistol that had the same dimensions as a G19, the Glock fanbase went head over heels. The G44 is a great supplemental training tool for those who carry or train with their G19 on a regular basis. It's been hailed as a small and extremely reliable rimfire pistol, which is saying something given the finnicky nature of .22 LR. Check out everything we liked about the newest Glock by reading the review below.



7. The Best Revolvers Available Today


You know a Colt Python had to make the list. (Photo: April Robinson/

Revolvers have a certain nostalgia to them, and gun owners tend to love them for their reliability and ease of use. Whether you’re looking for a new revolver to carry concealed or you just want to do some plinking at the range, there’s something for everyone on this list. Check which revolvers were worthy enough of making the cut by reading the article. 



6. PA Bill Would Ban Direct Internet Ammo Sales, Require $50 Permit to Buy Bullets


PA lawmakers tried to make it harder for people to purchase ammo online. (Photo: Chris Eger/

Following in the shoes of Virginia lawmakers, politicians from the Keystone State decided to try their hand at anti-gun laws – namely in the form of online ammo sales. House Bill 2344 would require residents of Pennsylvania to apply for a four-year $50 permit to purchase ammo online. It would also add a $3 surcharge to every ammo sale, which would be payable to the state. To see all the red tape and understand how this bill is an infringement on the rights of the citizens of Pennsylvania, read the article below.



5. 21 Rounds: New Ruger 57 5.7x28mm Pistol Touted for 2020


The Ruger 57 was one of hits of SHOT Show 2020. (Photo: Chris Eger/

Ruger made a splash at Shot Show 2020 when they unveiled the Ruger 57. It’s clear that even before the 57 became one of the most popular guns of the year that there was a lot of hype around it. Sporting a 20+1 capacity and a 5-inch barrel, this gun was made for fun at the range. The Ruger 57 seems to have sparked a resurrection of the 5.7x28mm cartridge. It led several other companies, including Florida-based Diamondback Firearms, to introduce their own 5.7x28mm variants

The future looks bright for the small but capable cartridge. Check out all the specs plus what some of your favorite gun vloggers have to say about this new pistol below.



4. Detroit Auto Worker in Biden Gun Video Gets a New ‘AR-14’


Jerry Wayne holding his new 'AR-14' and loving it. (Photo: Next Level Armament)

Long before the November election, back when you could still venture into a building without being saddled by a mask, Joe Biden was campaigning for president. At the heart of Uncle Joe’s campaign promises was stricter gun control laws. Enter Jerry Wayne. The Detroit auto plant worker was filmed asking Biden about why he needs to take away guns from responsible, law-abiding Americans. 

Biden’s profanity laced response went viral for all the wrong reasons, including a reference the now infamous “AR-14” and slamming anyone who needs “100 rounds.” Check out the full video along with the response in the article below.



3. Savage Debuts New 6lb 110 Ultralite Rifle With Proof Research Barrel


The Savage 110 Ultralite is sure to be a hit with backcountry hunters. (Photo: Kristin Alberts/

While there is nothing new about the Savage 110, there was something new about the weight of their newest model. Featuring either a 22- or 24-inch PROOF Research barrel gets this reputable rifle weighing in at under 6 pounds. It makes it perfect for long hikes in rugged terrain. The stainless steel barrel wrapped in carbon fiber is also threaded for those who wish to add a suppressor to the end of it.

To see all the chamberings and get more details about this Ultralite rifle, check out the story below!



2. New for 2020: The Colt Python is Back in 6, 4.25-inch Stainless Models


There's just something to love about a Colt Python no matter what year it was produced. (Photo: Colt)

The Colt Python of yesteryear has a certain mystique about it that cannot be overstated. People simply loved those guns. So when Colt announced in January that they were re-releasing the Python, the revolver community was over the moon. After a 15-year hiatus, Colt released two models in stainless steel that have been well received among revolver enthusiasts. 



1. Old Enough to Vote, Old Enough to Buy a Handgun: Bill Would Drop Age to 18


The concept seems incredibly simple. (Photo: Chris Eger/

Our most viewed article of 2020 circles around the idea that if you’re old enough to vote or be shipped off to war, then you’re old enough to responsibly purchase a handgun. H.R. 5716 was introduced by Rep. Thomas Massie, R-Ky., and it would reinstate important Second Amendment rights to those younger than 21. Unlike most laws focused on controlling access to guns these days, it was a breath of fresh air to see a bill proposed that would expand gun rights. To see the full bill – along with Massie’s defense of it – check out the story below.


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